Andrea teaches dynamic, core-focused classes weekly at shambhala yoga & dance center in Brooklyn, NY, and is the creator of Core Awakening Yoga. Her methodology is rooted in functional biomechanics, with an emphasis on anatomical alignment and intelligent sequencing. She encourages students to develop their own sense of body wisdom by facilitating the opportunity for exploration of a challenging practice, while still abiding by their own physical limitations. 



7pm – 8:05pm 

shambhala yoga & dance center


Core strength is crucial for life both on and off the mat. When your core is strong, your balance improves. You'll also perform asana with greater ease and optimal alignment. A strong, awakened core prevents low back pain and injury that can often result from weaker abdominals. This class incorporates many Pilates-inspired isolated repetitive movements, drawing awareness to the solar plexus and sacral chakras to fire up the abdominal wall. Poses with emphasis on drawing into the midline of the body will be held for a longer duration, building the foundation for long-term core strength and stability. 



11am – 12:05pm

shambhala yoga & dance center

This hour of power is open to students who want to elevate their level of practice and extend themselves physically and mentally. Challenging postures are introduced and elaborated, with a focus on methods and techniques to develop steadiness and ease in a rigorous , yet slower paced flow.